Wedding, Corporate and Jewish Music in San Diego


The Music Doctor and his 14K gold flute playing the National Anthem at Petco Park in San Diego.  He went and played a corporate event and wedding ceremony music later that day.  Nice yarmulka for a nice Jewish musician!

Today we bring you The Music Doctor; a title earned by Dr. Yochanan Sebastian Winston both on the stage, and in the classroom. Take a peek at the instrumentalist's credentials:
◾A Ph.D. from University of California, San Diego in Theoretical/Experimental Studies in Music
◾A diploma from the Conservatoire National del Région de Boulogne Billancourt (Classe Supérieure de la Flûte)
◾A Masters of Music Degree in Saxophone from the Manhattan School of Music
◾A Bachelor of Music Degree in Flute from the Manhattan School of Music

Winston has funneled his exceptional skills into a new release titled The Kabbalah Suite, a jazz collection inspired by a newer age of music; as Winston says, a "genre busting" ensemble of songs. He continues, "My goal is to bring Coltrane's intensity, Hubert Law's perfection and Pierre-Yves Artaud's virtuosity to the flute and my music…my hope is to express the hidden beauties and universal truths of the Kabbalah without all of the religious baggage usually associated with it." Click The Kabbalah Suite and click to for more. Winston is working on further projects as we speak, and perhaps accepting grants to write in locations such as Paris, Berlin and Rome in the very near future.


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